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A lot of research is being done on the health benefits of the services offered at the contraception clinic in Alwarpet. Family planning, which includes planning, delaying and spacing out pregnancies, is linked to better birth outcomes for babies, either directly or by encouraging healthy behaviours in pregnant mothers.

Contraceptives are used to stop pregnancy, but they also have a number of other benefits. Contraception lowers the risk of certain reproductive cancers and can be used to treat many menstrual symptoms and disorders. It also lowers the risk of pregnancy-related illness and death.

Doctors in contraception offer a wide range of other beneficial health services to their clients in addition to contraception. Women and men who go to these clinics can get help to prevent, screen for and treat diseases and conditions like chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV, HPV and cervical cancer. They can also get help to deal with intimate partner violence.

Contraception Clinic in Alwarpet

Why Take Contraception Advice from ICARE Multi-Speciality Clinic?

Young women who go to the doctor for the first time might get some basic health information and an idea of what to expect in the future. Telling your doctor at ICARE Multi-Speciality Clinic about your medical history and any changes you've made to your everyday routine will help them understand your overall health better. They can give you the best advice based on what you tell them. This is an excellent way for a doctor to help you.

Our doctors always give their patients the best care possible, whether they have a minor issue or a severe illness. Please make an appointment today at our clinic!

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